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The concept of liposuction
Liposuction to reduce weight is one of the plastic and cosmetic surgery body sculpture operations. The principle is to absorb excess fat from a part of the body by negative pressure suction, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid local thinning. The common parts of whole body liposuction are: face, double chin, neck, back, arms, legs, upper and lower abdomen, side waist, upper buttock, hip reduction and hip lifting.
Attention to whole body liposuction
If the whole body liposuction operation is to be carried out, the principle of "a small number of times" should be followed. Less suction site, less trauma, faster recovery, less pain, a liposuction can not solve the whole body fat problem, because according to the body parts, it is best to solve only about 20% of the whole body area at a time, such as waist, abdomen and thighs can be combined with liposuction, or waist, abdomen and upper arm can be combined with liposuction. Generally speaking, one suction should not exceed four parts.
Before the whole body liposuction to lose weight, experts will communicate with the beauty seekers in detail, and rationally design the operation plan according to the beauty seekers'own conditions. And a suction can absorb more than 80% of the fat in the relevant parts, and solve the pain of the beauty seeker due to the long operation time. The effect of liposuction is natural, the lines are smooth and the curve is perfect.

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