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Home > News > Hanfei Upgraded Entire Eight Service and Opened VIP Green C

 Ten years history, ten years honor, ten years success, Hanfei medical cosmetology will celebrate its 10th anniversary history. Before the 10th anniversary is coming, 'Great master return, promoting monthly service ' activity is launched.  Hanfei will upgrade technique, service, scheme and quality, offering high level and best service for customers.

大师归来 实力塑美
Master return, customizing beauty with technical strength

在刚刚过去的9月底,韩妃院长刘志刚携“欧式挺隆鼻”闪耀高规格外科美容大会,与30多个数百名整形巅峰论道,并获得大会主席Mr. Frederik亲自授牌“鼻整形修复大师”,载誉归来!这是业界乃至对韩妃整形技术的肯定和赞誉,也是韩妃技术给的又一次惊艳。
 Dean of Hanfei medical cosmetology Liu Zhigang attended top level surgical cosmetology conference showing his creative technique of European Rhinoplasty, competiting with hundreds of surgeon from 30 different countries, won the award of Rhinoplasty Revison Master presented by the Chairman of conference Mr. Frederik. This is the greatest recognition and praise of Hanfei Medical Cosmetology . 


2018 European Rhinoplasty Revision Conference Team, Dean of Liu Zhigang stand on 7th of second row

大会主席Mr. Frederik为刘志刚院长颁发“鼻整形修复大师”荣誉证书
The Chairman of conference Mr. Frederik presented Rhinoplasty Revision Master for Liu Zhigang 

In terms of technology, Hanfei has been adhering to the technical concept of professionalism, innovation and transcendence, and constantly refreshing the standard of medical cosmetology, leading the development and progress of regional and even the medical beauty industry. 

服务先行 八心品质
First service with eight quality 

In terms of service, Hanfei has never forgotten its original intention. Ten years as usual, It always takes customer satisfaction as the starting point to provide fashionable, safe and reliable high quality medical cosmetology Service for beauty seekers, and achieves a good and healthy quality life.
Hanfei high demand for service is inseparable from the caring heart of customers. Before establishment, Hanfei first put forward eight quality service of confidence,
 ingenuity, confidence, comfort, concentration, devotion and warmth. innovating the service mode of plastic surgery industry and winning the praise from customers with exclusive beauty housekeeping service. On Golden October, the membership management system is upgraded and restarted again, the VIP green channel officially opened, Hanfei will upgrade entire new service quality to welcome customers from domestic and overseas , creating a superimposed beauty for customers. 


Eight quality service, concentrating in details

'pursuing customers satisfaction service and creating value for customers' under the guidance of such service concept, Hanfei further improved the memebership management system with ' one-to-one personalized service' standards to creat high quality medical and aesthetic service. From customers going into Hanfei medical cosmetology with beautiful dream to successfully butterfly change out of Hanfei. The whole process is provided with one-to-one personalized service in detail for customers feel our careful all the time. and experiencing safe butterfly change.


Going into Hanfei with butterfly change

For providing more intimate service to customers, Hanfei membershap center will be upgraded. it will further enhance the communication and interaction between Hanfei and members, members and members, offering members with more timely and comprehensive medical cosmetology information. At the same time, it will also hold various beauty sharing activities for members, giving each member beautiful birthday gift. if customers have any beauty questions, could consult the staff of members center anytime and anywhere. Hanfei will provide more efficient solutions for members. 

Hanfei membership center upgrade, members could free consult anytime and anywhere

Besides, Hanfei also upgrade another important service that is opening the VIP green channel. Han Fei breaks through the traditional service mode, brings more value-added services for VIP members, and let VIP customers truly feel different exclusive and noble experience. Han Fei provides a series of exclusive services for VIP members, such as car pick-up, green VIP channel, free experience of new products every year.

VIP noble experience
Service improves quality and quality creates life. many customers benefited from eight hearts quality service. customers made their dream come true in a relaxed, comfortable and convenient experience. Hanfei has created its own value with high standards and requirements of service, it has also achieved a better and healthier quality life for customers.

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