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Home > Skin Beauty > FAQ about laser mole removal
1. Is laser mole removal effect permanent?
Generally speaking, most patients can be cured by laser treatment once. A few patients will recur within 1-3 months after laser therapy, but the recurrence will also be alleviated and reduced. The routine interval of 2-3 months is needed for the next treatment.

2. How often does laser dot mole do?
The interval of routine treatment is 3 months, and the frequency of treatment depends on the individual situation. Most people can get the expected effect by 1-2 times, while a few people need 4-6 times to basically improve the problem.

3. Can Laser mole removal scabs be digged out by oneself ?
No, scab will naturally fall off. Avoid insolation in scab period, ban photosensitive drugs and food, apply outside sunscreen to prevent pigmentation.

4. Will laser mole removal leaves scar?
The mole can be completely vaporized by laser, and the treatment process is generally treated along the edge of the nevus. Its advantage is that it can achieve better results and will not leave a clear scar, but there is the possibility of recurrence in the future so treatment is needed again.

5. Which nevus is not suitable for laser removal?
Generally speaking, nevus near mucous membrane, mouth, privacy area, is not recommend the use of laser. And if the nevus is too big (diameter over 0.5-1.0cm), the laser mole removal will cause the wound to be too big, which exceeds the skin healing ability. In order to reduce the scar, it is recommended to remove by the surgical method. Once the nevus is obviously enlarged, darkened in color or broken locally, treatment should be carried out as soon as possible

6. Does laser mole removal have damage to skin?
It is safe to remove mole without damaging the skin, and it is safe to carry out in superficial skin.
7. How to do postoperative care?
Day 0 - Day 3   Swelling period
Recovery tips: Treatment site on epidermis damaged, slightly depressed, with redness and tingling, can disappear on the same day or the next day.
Nursing methods:
1. Continuous use of repair products, strict sun protection.
2. Stop all cosmetics, can only use professional medical repair products.
3. No tobacco, alcohol and spicy irritant food.
4. Wash your face 2 days after treatment, but immediately dry with dry soft towel.

Day 4 - Day 7   Scab period
Recovery tip: redness and swelling basically disappear, treatment site surface scab, have slight pruritus symptom.
Nursing methods:
1. Avoid strenuous exercise, prevent crusts from falling off because of external force.
2. Early (7-10 days) after treatment, do not wet the wound before exfoliation, apply some ointment containing antibiotics.  
3. Do not exfoliate within a week after treatment.
Day 8 - Day 90  Effect development period
Recovery tips: redness and swelling recede and the mole may reappear.
Nursing methods:
1. It can be retreated 2-3 months or so after treatment;
2. Moisturizing and sunscreen should be strengthened after treatment to avoid pigmentation caused by sunburn;
3. After treatment, patients with inflammatory reaction or hypertrophic scar tendencies should be promptly reexamined.
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