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Wendy    Image Designer   23 Years Old    

  As an image designer of the industry, Wendy's job is to create an external image comprehensively suitable for every customer. Whenever she sees people experience beauty changes from Hanfei Medical Cosmetology Hospital, she does hope that she can join them as there are obviously quite some hollows in her face after removing her makeup and eye pouches also follow under her working pressure and inferiority from the bottom of her heart. With so many successful beauty stories and the encouragement of colleagues, Wendy chose to realize her beauty dream by autologous fat filling. 


      Comparison before & after Wendy's Face Filling Surgery by Autologous Fat


  Beauty Trouble: Hollow Forehead and Cheeks as well as Obvious Lacrimal Grooves and Eye Pouches 

  Beauty Scheme: Forehead, Lacrimal Grooves and Cheeks Filling Surgery by Autologous Fat

  Changes after the Surgery: Natually Full Forehead, Delicate Facial Contour as well as Younger and More Beautfiul Face

  Comment by the Surgeon: The hollows in Wendy's face, and her eye pouches as well as the deep lacrimal grooves have made her look older among her peers. It is recommended that she make her face rejuvenated through Face Filling Surgery by Autologous Fat and Eye Pouches Removal by Surgery. 

  Improvement Process: 

  1. Consultation in Hanfei  

  To make herself become more beautiful and also act as the spokesperson for Hanfei, Wendy came to the hospital to ask a professional surgeon for beauty consultation. After careful and meticulous face examination, the surgeon suggested that Wendy fill her facial hollows and lacrimal grooves with her own fat.

  Consultation about the Beauty Scheme

  2. Marking Design for the Surgery Scheme 

  After a detailed communication with Wendy, understanding her own wishes and postoperative expectations, the surgeon began to design and introduce a personalized surgery scheme for her,  and answered what she asked.

 Marking Design for the Surgery

   3. Physical Examination before the Surgery 

  After the scheme was determined, Wendy went to the Physical Examination Department for preoperative physical examination. The medical staff there carefully examined her physical condition to prepare her for the start of the surgery for only with sufficient preparation can they had enough confidence to usher in the arrival of beauty.

  Physical Examination before the Surgery 

  4. Liposuction  

  After strict preoperative examination, Wendy was assigned to the laminar flow sterile operating room to receive the surgery. The surgeon didn't begin to perform the liposuction for Wendy until they had conducted dsinfection on her as Hanfei always believed that only by strictly controlling the sterile environment of the operating room could the operation be ensured free from infection.

  Liposuction on Wendy's Thighs

  Active Fat Extracted from Wendy's Thighs

  5. Face Filling Surgery by Autologous Fat

  The surgeon extracted appropriate amount of fat from Wendy's thighs, conducted strict centrifugal purification of the fat, and finally injected it into Wendy's sunken forehead, cheeks and deep lacrimal grooves in a layered and quantitative manner.

   Face Filling Surgery by Autologous Fat


 Comparison before & after Wendy's Face Filling Surgery by Autologous Fat


  Wendy's Life Photo after the Surgery

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