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 Revisional Rhinoplasty

Normal Failing Rhinoplastic Surgery

rhinoplasty revision
failing nose job surgery

• More than 100 people are having failing rhinoplastic surgery
• More than 200 people suffered from depression because of failing nose surgery

rhinoplasty revision

Reasons for Failing Rhinoplasty Surgery

Side Effects of Unauthorized Injective Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplastic surgery had become popular since 1960s to 1970s. And in China, it's the second most usual plastic surgery next to eye surgery. At the beginning, many unqualified " doctors" performed the nose job surgery with fluid silica gel,paraffin and vaseline injection, whose side effect only shows after several or dozens of years later. This is the main reason for the increasing revisional surgery year on year.

rhinoplasty revision

Mishandling of Nose Augmentation with Prosthesis

Silica gel has be widely used as the main prosthesis for rhinoplasty since 1980s. As a synthetical material, it will cause many side effects with mishandling, including recurrent inflamation, protruding or displaced prothesis and skin thinning, etc..

revisional rhinoplasty

Artificial Skin Not Capable of Retaining Original Shape

Different from self-skin, artificial skin can not retain the original nose shape very well, but for thickening the skin. So the nasal tip is not guaranteed to keep the changed shape and may become bulbous, which results in more and more revisional plasty.

revisional rhinoplasty

            Real Case of Hanfei Revisional Rhinplasty

nose job revision

Mishandling in operation and inexperienced doctor will result in a deviated nose after nose job surgery, for the wrong judgement of nasal anatomical layer, which leads to malplacement of prosthesis. The solution is to recreate room for prosthesis to get it in the right place.

nose job revision
nose job revision

nose job revision

Yinyin's protruding prosthesis had affected the dermal layer, which added more difficulty to the revision. We made the nasal tip with autologous tissues, and fastened the skin with artificial skin or fascia. Sterile laminar operation prevented infection well.

nose job revision

nose job revision

Hanfei Features of Revisional Rhinoplasty Material Choosing

One: First choice for nose bridge: varicosity or silica gel+fascia
Hanfei has had thousands of nose job surgery without revision. Hanfei varicostiy technique is more advanced than the current level, and wrapage of silica gel with autologous fascia not only prevents glassy and abrupt nose, but also makes nose more natural, and can stay longer in human body without frequent replacement.

Two: Autologous cartilage a must choice for nasal tip
For those who have not had their nasal septum taken out, the septum is the best choice for nasal tip shaping, for its strong texture is ideal for nose shape surportting. No cutting is required.

Three: Costicartilage for multiple revision
Costicartilage can make up for the deficiency of nasal septum and ear cartilage, it can replace prosthesis to shape nose bridge and restore nasal tip as well. Hanfei makes the costicartilage to mini particles to prevent malformation after transplantation into the nose bridge.

Six Advantages of Hanfei Rhinoplasty

revisional rhinoplasty
revisional rhinoplasty


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