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Seven Layers eye anti-aging

Look ! They've successfully lifted their skin
in Hanfei !

01  Ultracel Lift
As a perfect solution, Ultracel directly reaches skin aging, the root cause of face aging. 

 02  Face Lift by Thermage
Greatly Firming and Rapidly Rejuvenating Your Skin 
Thermage, also known as CPT, is a new vibration electric wave skin firming system developed by Thermage, USA.
It is a comfortable electric wave skin lifting therapy and is also a non-invasive treatment that can firm the skin and shape the contour after treatment.

 03  Neck Lift  
What do you think of cervical stripes? In fact, 60% of the female believe that cervical stripes greatly affect their images! So why not inject hyaluronic acid in Hanfei to remove your cervical stripes? 
Don't let your neck magnify your age !

04  Striae Gravidarum Removal

05  Stretch Mark Removal
What's stretch mark indeed?
As a kind of striae atrophicae, stretch mark is the disease caused by skin's getting fragile due to degeneration of elastic fiber and by skin's rupturing due to overstretching, among which skin's overstretching or trauma is only the inducement to influence the distribution of skin lesion.  


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