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What’s Compound Breast Augmentation?
Y-line breast surgery makes curves with breast implants with additional fat graft in the cleavage area, for a more ideal and perfect breast shape.
Natural-looking results that do not look artificial or overly done, giving you sexy attractive breasts.

How much is it?

The distance between each breast under 3cm is the standard for beautiful breasts

Implant size has a variety of choices, instant increase just one time, the effect is permanent. But simple breast surgery with implants cannot fill the gap between breasts, hence the results would not be satisfactory.

how long does it take to recover?

In such cases, the Autologous Fat Breast Augmentation breast surgery will create attractive cleavage!

Compound Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Benefits of Compound Breast Augmentation

• Personalized breast implants for even more curves and beauty
• Great texture, just like natural breasts
• Very low chances of asymmetry based on exact desquamation
• Very low chances of capsular contracture
• Almost no scars and pain
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