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Director Yang Defa, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation surgeries

Delve into double eyelid for decades with the cases been included in plastic surgery textbooks for many times

Yang defa 杨德发

Master of medicine
Iintegrated rhinoplasty master
Authoritative expert on dynamic double eyelid plastic surgery
Member of Chinese branch of International Association of Plastic Surgery 
Dedicated in:

360°stereoscopic liposuction, Breast augmentation in digital gold line, Asian typing dynamic double eyelid surgery, Japanese-style enchanting eye shaping technique, Korean-style nose augmentation technique, etc.


Cosmetic plastic surgeon, Yu Hongrui, good at  liposuction, nose job,eyelids surgeries

Breakthrough traditional surgical methods,
Put forward “Ocular Biomechanics Theory”

Director Yu Hongrui (于洪瑞)

Chinese authority for fine eye and nose surgery
Full member of International Eye Plastic Association
Special member of the International Association for facial rejuvenation
Dedicated in:

Liposuction shaping, Autologous fat facial filling, Ocular comprehensive plastic surgery, Prosthetic augmentation nose, etc.

Doctor liguangqin good at eyelids surgeries

24 years of concentration on eye plastic surgery
The popular doctor among web celebrity stars

Doctor Li Guangqin 李光琴

Chief director of the group in the respect of eye surgery
Creator of 10° curling eyelashes ophthalm
Youth committee of China Association of Plastic Surgery Facial Rejuvenation Branch
Dedicated in:

Facial rejuvenation, 10° curling eyelashes ophthalm, Eye rejuvenation, Europe-style integrated rhinoplasty, etc.


facial rejuvenation injection, facial contour remodeling, private part rejuvenation treatment

Skill combination of Chinese and Korean makes the age of the skin younger than the physical age

Director Wang Lunwu 黄伦武

Director of Hanfei plastic injection cosmetology center,  Doctor of facial lifting rejuvenation and senior anti-aging,  Doctor of facial comprehensive, non-invasive, rejuvenation and  senior anti-aging
Dedicated in:
Comprehensive anti-aging and rejuvenation of face and neck, L
ine carving anti-aging, Prime radio frequency microneedle, Laser treatment for skin, Pigmented spot treatment, Sensitive skin repair, Acne treatment, Injection beauty, etc.


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