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NO.1 Mamma Accessoria

What is an accessory breast?
An accessory breast removes breast tissue that has grown congenitally in other place.
It is safely removed through a cooperation by breast and liposuction specialist, after a precise diagnosis and analysis.
Regen plastic surgery promises satisfying results through 1:1 customized system from before to after surgery

NO.2 Breast Reduction

What are large breasts?


Problems with large breasts such as
  1. Pain on breasts, neck, shoulders, and waist
  2. Scoliosis
  3. Frequent headache
  4. Stretch marks under the breasts
  5. Skin infection under the breasts
  6. Low self-esteem

NO.3 Mastoptosis

Saggy Breasts Self Diagnosis Method
Sagginess of the breasts can be determined by how low the nipples are located based on the line below breasts. For ideal breasts, nipples are located 4-5cm above the line. If nipples are located below the line, correction through surgery is suggested.

Grade A: Nipples are on the line or are slightly lower than the line (within 1cm).
Grade B: Nipples are 1-3 cm lower than the line, but are above undermost breast tissues.
Grade C: Severe saggy breasts where nipples are more than 3 cm lower than the line and nipples completely head to the bottom.

NO.4 Crater Nipple

What are inverted Nipples?
There are various factors causing nipple retraction, inverted nipples.
Inverted nipples during puberty may be seen as temporary condition, but usually condition remains.
Also, women with inverted nipples have difficulties in breast feeding that correction should be considered.

Nipple Reduction

Why Nipple Reduction?

Nipple is too big compare to the breast size, or it's too protruding or in case of droopiness this kind of surgery can be executed.
Even there might be a natural cause, but there's a lot of case.
If it is for those who has a big nipple after pregnancy, giving birth, breast feeding, is mostly done for aesthetic purpose.
But it's not only about the esthetic problem when you had a too protruding nipple,
but it might become a psychological rpoblem and even problem when doing the breast feeding,
so a correction on giving balance to the nipple shape would be good way out.

Areolar Reduction

Surgical Method of Nipple Reduction
The basic requirement of a beautiful breast is a symmetrical areola. Excessive areola can directly affect the aesthetics of the entire breast. If the areola is too large and the breast is small, you can simply cut off part of the areola skin to reduce the areola, use the nipple as the center to draw a proper radius, then remove the areola beyond it.

Edge-to-edge Resection and Suture Surgery

Circular Resection and Suture Surgery

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Breast Asymmetry

Areola Drifting Red

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