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Saggy Breasts Self Diagnosis Method
Sagginess of the breasts can be determined by how low the nipples are located based on the line below breasts. For ideal breasts, nipples are located 4-5cm above the line. If nipples are located below the line, correction through surgery is suggested.

Grade A: Nipples are on the line or are slightly lower than the line (within 1cm).
Grade B: Nipples are 1-3 cm lower than the line, but are above undermost breast tissues.
Grade C: Severe saggy breasts where nipples are more than 3 cm lower than the line and nipples completely head to the bottom.

Breast Lifting Surgery Method
Saggy breast surgery considers degree of breast sagginess, amount of breast tissues, and skin elasticity. Surgery method is decided based on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed.

Mastopexy + Breast Reduction
Corrects Saggy Breasts and Simultaneously Reduce Breast Size

Does not change the breast size, Only corrects the sagginess

Mastopexy + Breast Augmentation
Increase breast size and Simultaneously correct sagginess

Who is sutiable for Breast Lifting?
  1. Small sized and droopy breast
  2. Big sized and droopy breast
  3. Due to aging pro-cess, breast tissue goes saggy and lost its elasticity
  4. The droopiness caused by pregnancy and birth
  5. The breast lost its elasticity due to heavy diet

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