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The Golden Rule of Perfect Breast
Not simply squeezed them out

Endoscope plus Bionic Breast-implant Augmentation
Safer, and more precise

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What is Endoscope?

We can provide satisfaction by fixing even the most delicate differences by 1mm for breast surgery, effective breast surgery by using endoscopic equipment which can higher the satisfaction and the accuracy of the surgery.
To improve the effectiveness and safety of the surgery
Therefore Hanfei are using the high tech Endoscopy from the start to the end of the surgery.

Using the most high tech endoscopic equipment, we can get an even more detailed and accurate breast structure.
By minimizing the range of incision and being able to put in the prosthese and get the most exact position is Hanfei’s most high tech surgery technique.

01.More accurate surgery
It is possible to perform a more detailed and accurate surgery compare to the basic one, so the satisfaction level is higher.
02.Minimize nerve and vessel damage
Analyzing the muscle structure via endoscopy to be able to exfoliate accurately, so that it can reduce the nerve and vessel damage as well as maintain the sense of breast.
03.Prevention of establishing phenomenon
To prevent any symptoms that can be seen by eyes such as bleeding and or inflammation after surgery.
04.Minimizing pain by minimizing the incision
Because it’s possible to do a small incision, you don’t need to wear a blood pocket, it can minimize the pain and the recovery period is short.
05.Simple post-surgery treatment
As the exfoliation is accurate and smooth, when receiving the massage treatment post-surgery, the pain is little and the treatment is more comfortable.

What is Bionic Breast-implant?

Natural volume with appropriate implants for you

The implants should be chosen based on the physical conditions such as the shape and size of the breasts, the structure of the chest, and others to create the most ideal volume. Breast Augmentation of Hanfei creates the ideal volume without being restricted by the width of chest by using various implants of different shapes and materials, such as tear drop- shape, round, micro-texture, texture, and smooth implants.

With Hanfei’s specialists who have lots of experience and know-how, 
and by using Endoscope to get the accurate part for surgery and higher the safety and accuracy rate of the surgery.

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