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 Cleft Lip Nose Revision
nasal deformity revision

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features, and its appearance contributes enormously to facial aesthetics. Nasal deformity associated with a cleft lip has been viewed as one of the most challenging reconstructive problems in the rhinoplasty field. Patients with a cleft lip frequently have an associated nasal deformity as well. These deformities can vary in their severity. Furthermore, this deformity can leave the patient with severe asymmetries of the nostrils and base of the nose.

 What Is Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty?

Cleft Lip is a birth defect that causes lips or mouth roof malformation due to not enough tissues for the proper shape of lips during a pregnancy. Cleft lip also affects the surrounding muscles, cartilage, and bones, creating a deformity in the facial structure. Lips malformation surgery is performed at the young age and the actual cleft lip rhinoplasty is performed after 18 years old when facial bone is fully grown. As the cleft lip rhinoplasty involves a great modification in various facial features, it is important to wait until the facial structure is fully developed. 
Hanfei Real Case of Transformation
Thousands of Cleft Lip Nose Got Reborn Here
nasal deformity

nasal deformity
The cleft bathroom deformity is extremely challenging and presents both functional and aesthetic problems. The tissue deficiencies associated with congenital clefting of the lip and palate involved all tissue layers, from the skeletal framework to the skin. Primary rhinoplasty can help minimize the secondary deformity and allow the nasal growth. However, most patients have significant secondary aesthetic and functional nasal problems, requiring complex nasal reconstruction. If the patient has an associated dentofacial deformity requiring orthognathic surgery, this bony surgery should be completed prior to rhinoplasty surgery.
The secondary septorhinoplasty is performed after full nasal growth is completed. Attention should be paid to sufficiently straightening and support of the nasal septum. Nasal surgery requires the structural grafting to the middle and lower nasal thirds. Structural grafting will enable the surgeon to maximize nasal function and Aesthetics.

Surgery Time:     According to circumstances
Anesthesia Type:     General Anesthesia
Hospitalization:     1 Day
Stitch Removal:     5-10 Days
Recovery Time:     According to circumstances
Material For Nasal Deformity Revision
cleft lip revision

Hanfei Revisional Surgery Process for Deformed Nose
nose deformity revision
nose deformity revision
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