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Does your facial profile belong to one of them?
facial profile types

Or do you prefer this following type?
V-line face

Don't worry. Hanfei has four types of non-surgical methods to help you become more charming! They are Hyaluronan Injection, PPDO Lifting, Autologous Fat Filling and Ulthera.

Before choosing the above method, you have to know first which tpye of facial aging you have. See the following four symptoms of facial aging:


Aging symptom one: facial bone aging  
Human sclarotin begins to run away from our body at the age of 35, then our body enters a natural aging process. The width and height of bones decreases, and our face will lack dimensional looking.
facial anti-aging
Hyaluronic acid injection can decorate our blurry facial profile, rebuilding bone structure by using deep layer tissues from the filling segment, thus rejuvenates your skin and remake  3D looking for your face. 

Aging symptom two: Tissue aging
When subcutaneous tissue and the muscle layer naturally loosen, excessive fat and wrinkles are formed.
PPDO thread

PPDO thread

PPDO is an assorbable medical material with a long absortion period. It's used as the frame for collagen growth. And it can beatify your skin for a long-lasting time even after being absorbed.

Aging symptom three: collagen loss  
Collagen is the key to youth. Once it goes away, you skin becomes saggy, loose without elasticity. By autologous fat filling, the loss of collagen can slow down a lot.

fat filling

Aging symptom four: Fascial Aging
Fascial aging only exists between the fat layer and the muscle layer on face and neck. Problem could be solved well by ulthera.

ultrasound lifting

And we have three V-line Facial Beauty Packages for your baby face making!

V-line facial package one

V-line facial package two

V-line facial package three

facial contouring

Why Choose Hanfei for your facial Cosmetic Surgery?

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