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Home > Anti-age Rejuvenation > V-line Baby Face > FAQ about the V-line Baby Face
1. Who are suitable for the V-line Baby Face?
Those with sagging and loose skin, facial wrinkles, facial depression or unsatisfying facial contour.
2. How is the effect of the V-line Baby Face?
Well, 20% of the effect relies on treatment materials while 80% on surgeon techniques.
"Plastic-beauty materials" play a basic auxiliary role, while doctors' techniques determines the effect of "rejuvenation". Different parts, designs, levels and techniques may present completely different effects. Therefore, only doctors with a solid foundation of skin pathology, anatomy and high aesthetic literacy can achieve an ideal effect.
3. Which age group of people are fit for the V-line Baby Face?
People at the age of 25 to 60.
4. Does it hurt if I take the V-line Baby Face?
Well, the V-line Baby Face is a quite mild treatment with a little pain during the treatment period. Local anesthesia will be applied before the treatment to kill the pain, which makes it safely painless for you.
5. Is the treatment time of the V-line Baby Face long? How long does it take?
It is a treatment of short time which only needs 30 minutes.  
6. Will the V-line Baby Face pose any harm to skin?
No, it won’t. It’s a safe treatment that is not harmful to skin.
7. Is the effect of the V-line Baby Face permanent?
No, but its effect can be long enough as it can last for 2 to 3 years.   
8. Does the V-line Baby Face have any side effect? Will it cause any scar?
No, it doesn’t. It will not have any side effect or leave any scar or pigmentation as it is a treatment of ideal effect.   
9. Does everybody suit for the V-line Baby Face?
No, the following group of people are not suggested to take this treatment:
a. Those who have had severe sun exposure recently (within one month) or may be largely exposed to the sun after treatment (within one month).
b. Those who are in their pregnancy.
c. Patients with epilepsy or diabetes, or with bleeding tendency.
d. Patients with severe heart disease or hypertension must be cautious about it, or it may lead to serious effects.
e. Patients with scar constitution or patients with infected skin on their treatment sites should not take it as it may cause some scarring or help spread of skin infection.
f. Those with photosensitive skin or those who have taken photosensitive drugs.
g. Those who are suspected to have suffered from skin cancer as the V-line Baby Face will accelerate the spread of cancer cells.
10. Are there any preoperative considerations for the V-line Baby Face?
a. It is better for people to have a detailed communication with the doctor in a regular treatment institution before the treatment, so that the doctor get across your requirements for beauty.
b. It is better for people to have a full-body check before the treatment to see if they are in compliance with the treatment requirements of Skin Rejuvenation.
c. Keep the treatment sites clean before receiving the treatment to avoid postoperative infection.   
11. Do I still need to moisturize my skin after receiving the V-line Baby Face?
Yes, you do. That’s because the absorption ability of your skin will be strengthened, and the metabolism of it will be accelerated after the Skin Rejuvenation. Besides, skin may also be dry due to rapid metabolism. So adequate moisture and nutrition must be provided for you skin.  
12. Are there any food that I’m forbidden to eat after receiving the V-line Baby Face?
Well, you are supposed to have light diet full of vitamin and avoid eating seafood, barbecue and other spicy food. Smoking and drinking shall also be abandoned.  

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