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What are inverted Nipples?
There are various factors causing nipple retraction, inverted nipples.
Inverted nipples during puberty may be seen as temporary condition, but usually condition remains.
Also, women with inverted nipples have difficulties in breast feeding that correction should be considered.

Surgical Method of Nipples Retraction Correction
Proper surgical method must be selected based
on nipple size, shape, and possibility of breast feeding

01. Method that can help to improve the breast feeding function - Preserving the Feeding Pipe

The method which is being preferred by lots of female, but incase those with a serious case of retracted nipple, it will have a high possibilities of reoccurrence, therefore this method can only be accomplished by those who doesn't have a serious problem of nipple retraction.

  1. Make an incision at both sides of nipple after giving a local anesthesia to the surroundings.
  2. After severing the solid fibrous tissue which pulls the nipple down, since the feeding pipe is still preserved, breast feeding is still possible.
  3. Maintain the nipple shape to do the final stitches.

Real Case of Transformation

02. Not functional Breast Feeding Surgery Method - Preserving the Figure

For those who have had a surgery before and the nipple re-retracted again, or those who has a serious case of nipple retraction, there might be a possibility of having damage on the feeding line,
therefore it might influence the breast feeding ability.

  1. Giving a local anesthesia surrounding the retracted nipple area and find the nipple.
  2. Then make an incision at the both sides of the nipple.
  3. Then cut off the fibrous tissue below the nipple which pull the nipple downwards.
  4. To prevent the recurrence of nipple retraction, we make use of the surround tissue to strengthen it.
  5. Then maintain the nipple shape and stitches it back again.
  6. Completing the ideal nipple shape.

Real Case of Transformation

Cause and Types of Inverted Nipples

Lack of supporting tissue for nipples or being too short often cause inverted nipples.

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