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Hanfei's Color Spots Removal works in this way.
It is mainly concluded by internal conditioning and external treatment. By combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, we lead medicines through mesoderm into deep skin to eradicate dirty poisons, adjust skin's ecological balance, enhance skin immunity and restore its natural physiological function so as to cut off color spots from rebounding from the source.
External treatment is to apply laser treatment in coordination with Soboer Targeted Whitening Gel to efficiently decompose and eliminate pigment cells so that skin pigmentation will be accurately eradicated, meanwhile pores are shrinked and skin rejuvenated.

01 Cafe-au-lait-spot

Do you know the features of Cafe-au-lait-spots?
1. Cafe-au-lait-spot is a hereditary skin disease. Melanocytes and keratinocytes in the pigment spot of this disease produce more melanin than usual, and melanocytes are hyperactive, producing a large amount of melanin, thus forming pigmentation spots.
2. They usually appear upon ones' birth or in one's infancy, and the number of them increases in one's childhood.
3. They have clear boundaries and smooth surfaces.
4. They commonly appear on one's trunk, can be singly or multiply distributed, and will not gradually fade away on their own. As one's age grows, area of the focus of them increases gradually and color deepens.
5. They can be light brown, brown or dark brown spots of varying sizes ranging from several millimeters to tens of centimetres, with each patch of the same and balanced colour, and their thickness is not affected by sunburn.
6. They are generally presented on the face and other exposed skin with the shape of circle, oval or irregularity, usually without a specific shape.

02  Freckle

Why is our medical treatment for freckles so effective? 
Concentrating the laser energy on the pigment granules with highly concentrated radiative energy and pigment selectivity, it directly breaks 
the granules into pieces, and then melanin is removed from the body through the lymphoid tissue.

03  Age Spot

04  Chloasma 

05  Hori's Nevus

06  Nevus of Ota
Nevus of Ota , also known as the upper palate naevus fuscoceruleus, is a common color birthmark of the oriental nation characterized by the blue and brown nevus around the eyes. About half of the patients find it upon birth, but some find it in childhood, while several in their adolescence. 
Nevus of Ota is Patches of brown, gray, and blue spots with indistinct boundaries. Its color can be monochromatic or can be with the above colors


What's PicoWay Laser? 
As the "King of Picosecond", it surpasses Picosure Laser!

With faster and more powerful energy than Picosure Laser, the new generation
of PicoWay® Picosecond Laser Instrument uses holographic pixel focus technology to directly burst out the melanin into dusts smaller than picosecond which is easier to be absorbed by human body. Through multidimensional treatment, the effect of pigment removal and skin whitening and rejuvenation is achieved.


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