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Real Case of Transformation



How many days do I need to stay in hospital?

What are large breasts?

Problems with large breasts such as
  1. Pain on breasts, neck, shoulders, and waist
  2. Scoliosis
  3. Frequent headache
  4. Stretch marks under the breasts
  5. Skin infection under the breasts
  6. Low self-esteem

Want to know more about the procedure?

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?
Beautiful breasts add balance to the body, and it’s important to have moderate volume and elasticity. However, if it is oversized, it can not only cause problems to outward appearance but also stress and back ache.
Breast Reduction corrects the size and elasticity of large breasts, and it will give them beautiful and natural breast size.
Reduction mammoplasty creates from excessively big breast to the most beautiful breast consider by individual body proportions. Through accurate diagnosis and analysis, breast specialist selects the surgery methods, anesthesia, breast size. Hanfei Plastic Surgery ensures the satisfactory results by 1:1 alignment system from pre-surgery to post-surgery.
Breast Liposuction
Surgical Method of Liposuction
Selectively destroying fat cells can reduce size of breasts.
Characteristic of Liposuction
1. Procedure is relatively simple producing no scar.
2. Suitable for obese patients with more fat tissue and less mammary glands in breasts
3. Limited use for certain shape of breasts.

Benefits of Breast Liposuction surgery
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