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Brief Introduction of Body Contouring
Hanfei's body contouring items are generally classified into liposuction, lipofilling and leg contouring items.
As for liposuction items, they include two-layer firming liposuction, face liposuction, waist liposuction, leg liposuction, arm liposuction, hip liposuction, back liposuction. 
Lipofilling items  are made up of autologous fat grafting anti-age, autologous fat transplantation, autologous fat forehead filling,  autologous fat apple muscle filling, autologous fat cheek filling, autologous fat lacrimal groove filling, autologous fat hip filling and autologous fat wrinkle removal.    

It is very popular for our overseas customer to have liposuction surgery to reshape body shape. The most popular ones are abdomen, waist, legs, arms,then necks and face. Send an Enquiry for photos and prices now!

arms liposuction
arms liposuction
face liposuctionface liposuction
abdoman liposuction
legs liposuctionlegs liposuction or injective leg slimmingapple mussle fillingcheek filling and nose jobforehead filling
face filler
lacrimal groove filling

For more photos and prices, please send us an inquiry. We'll reply online instantly or within 24 hours if not in working hours.

In terms of leg contouring items, they are composed of leg liposuction and injective leg slimming.

For further information about each item, please click the websites below.  
Leg Contouring:
Face Liposuction:
Waist Liposuction:
Leg Liposuction:
Arm Liposuction:
Back Liposuction:
Autologous Fat Grafting Anti-age:
Autologous Fat Transplantation:
Autologous Fat Forehead Filling:
Autologous Fat Filling:
Autologous Fat Apple Muscle Filling:
Autologous Fat Cheek Filling:
Autologous Fat Lacrimal Groove Filling:
Autologous Fat Wrinkle Removal:
Leg Liposuction:


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