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Dark areola encounter all sorts of awkward
You also have these embarrassing bother you?

Let's have a look at
Hanfei's Real Case of Transformation

What Causes Dark Nipples?

Nipple color varies from women to women. It basically depends on the genetic situation or hereditary. If your skin is bright/fair, your nipples generally become fair. If your skin is dark, brown or black, your nipples normally become brown or dark.
Some facts may also darkness the color around your nipples (that known as areolas). Of course, darkening nipples is simple and it gets back its colors after those facts gone away.
Menstruation, Aging, Pregnancy, After having a baby, Breastfeeding, Chafing of the skin, Various medications, Puberty etc.

Surgical Method of Nipple Reduction

It's also important to have post-surgery care
for Nipple Areola Lightening
  1. Do not wear tight clothing within 3-4 days after surgery. Do not apply water to the wound.
  2. After surgery, it will decrustation on its own after 3-5 days. Do not peel it with hands.
  3. Within half a month after surgery, use a cotton swab for 5 days to wipe the wound 4-5 times/day.

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