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 nasolabial folds filling

nasolabial folds
What's the invisible killer of your age?- Yes, nasolobial folds!

With the increase of your age, your skin collagen and hyaluronic acid will lose gradually, and your under skin fat will also shrink and droop, then your face becomes sunken, forming nasolabial folds.

nasolabial folds

We have two methods to improve your nasolabial folds. They are PPDO lifting and Hyaluronan injection.

1. PPDO Lifting

PPDO Lifting

PPDO Lifting is a rebuilt of facial frame by interlacingly burying PPDO thread into corium layer and subcutaneous tissue. By accelarating  the reorganization and new born of collagen and elastic fibres, it delays skin aging process continuingly, removes the wrinkles,lifts the droopy tissue, tightens the skin and makes it brighter.

PPDO lifting
2. Hyaluronan Injection

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is for the injection into your sagging dermis, which stimulates rebirth of collagen and tightens skin moisture, making your skin highly elastic and radiant.

Hyaluronan injection
hyaluronan injection
The do's and don'ts after the injection:
1.Don't touch the injective parts to avoid disformation. 
2.Don't apply any cold/hot compresses to the injective parts.
3.Better not do strenuous exercise in a short term.
4.Don't massage the injective parts.
5.Better not do hot spring bathing or sauna in a short term.

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