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Look ! They've got their skin rejuvenated in Hanfei !

01  Water Needle Injection
The hyaluronic acid content in the human body is about 15g, and its decrease will make rough skin and wrinkles.

Water Needle injection is to inject 
small molecules of hyaluronic acid into skin, so that facial skin gets moisturized, tender, shiny and bright.

02  Water Baby Moisture

Principle of Effective Moisture Supplement

Water Baby Moisture is a maintenance program which has achieved the effect of moisture supplement and preservation, and skin nourishment.

03  Laser Hair Removal

04  Pore Refinement

05  Skin Rejuvenation   

1 Day after the Treatment 
 Firm skin feeling. 
1 Week after the Treatment
Shrinking pores, delicate and tender skin, and quick absorption of skincare products.
1 Month after the Treatment
More even skin tone, tender and white skin. 
1 Treatment Course after the Treatment
Completion of melanin metabolism, removal of color spots, and clear, delicate, white and shiny skin.

06  Skin Whitening

07  Sensitive Skin

But the above is not enough to treat your sensitive skin. We have specific solution to reach its root cause.  

08  Black Head Removal
Do you know why you have more and more blackheads? The root cause lies in coarse pores.
It's clinically found that black heads can easily recur, and the deep reason for its repeat is coarse pores which can easily accumulate oil dirt that emulsifies into black heads and white heads like greases.

09  Red Blood Silk Removal  

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