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Home > Skin Beauty > Skin Rejuvenation > Skin Whitening > Introduction and FAQs of whitening needles
    Whitening needles are whitening drugs that are injected into the body in the form of intravenous drip to achieve a rapid and uniform whitening effect throughout the body. The commonly used whitening needle contains glutathione (Glutathione), transmissible acid and vitamin C. Glutathione helps detoxify the body and helps cells to resist oxidation. Alginic acid is the enzyme used to control melanin, reducing melanin formation. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, also has antioxidant effects. 

Program Feature
Laser whitening can be used on the face, but the whole body whitening must resort to whitening needle.

For the crowd
Those who wish to whiten the whole body; those whose traditional whitening methods are not effective; all persons with dark complexion; those with laser or pulse blackening.

Program benefit
Whitening the whole body; there are light spots, uniform brightening effect of skin color at the same time

Program shortcomings 
At present, no country's CFDA certification is obtained, careful application is required, multiple injections are required, and there is individual difference in the effect.

Taboo crowd
History of thrombosis or menstruation; Allergies, skin lesions, abnormal immune system, diabetes, pregnancy or lactation.

How often and when to apply the whitening needle?
Whitening needle treatment uses a drop-injection method, and the injection time is about 30 minutes, which is very suitable for busy office workers to take the treatment. In principle, once a week, a course of 6-10 doses.

Can whitening needle have the effect to the whole body?
Yes, because the whitening needle is injected intravenously into the body, and then circulates through the blood to the whole body, achieve a systemic whitening effect.

How white can an injection whitening needle make me?
It is related to personal physique. It can be based on the place where the sun is not exposed to the sun. For example, the inner part of the thigh can be obviously whitened if it is not too dark.

Is whitening effective for color or melanin deposits?
Yes, whitening needles can quickly improve the problem of melanoma or pigmentation because they contain melanin decomposition ingredients. If the situation is serious, other professional medical cosmetology should be used for treatment.

What is the difference between whitening needles and taking vitamin C?
Oral vitamin C, in fact, less than 7% of the ingredients is reached to the skin epidermis because it will be absorbed through the stomach and intestines.If the whitening needle is injected and carried by blood circulation, the skin can absorb completely, and the whitening effect of the whole body can be achieved quickly and safely.

Preoperative reading
1. Routine examination to eliminate some inappropriate factors of injection of whitening needle. 
2. Women should avoid the menstrual period, and do not inject during pregnancy. 
3. Do not take contraindication drugs as directed by your doctor for a month before injection.

Postoperative care
0 ~ 30 days treatment period
Recovery hint: A few people will have temporary nausea, blood pressure drop, dizziness. Generally, people will recover after rest for half an hour.
Nursing methods: It is recommended to use SPF30-50 or more sunscreens, and wipe them once every 2-3 hours when you go out. At the same time, you can use umbrellas and hats to do a good physical sunscreen to avoid sunburn leading to pigmentation.
31 ~ 60 days effect period
Recovery hint: According to individual physique and different situations, generally, there will have effects after 3-4 times injection.
Nursing methods: As everyone's situation is different, whitening needle is often not a single needle that can have the effect. If you want to whiten the whole body, you need multiple courses of injection to see the final whitening effect.
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