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NO.1  Revision Breast Plasty
Surgical Method of Revision Breast Surgery

Types of Optional Surgical Method of Revision
It is a revision surgery for improving unsatisfying result or inconveniences caused from side effects.
It is more difficult and complicated than the first surgery, so it needs to be safely proceeded by experienced specialists after enough consulation.
Hanfei Plastic Surgery Hospital presents a natural breast shape through precise diagnosis with high standard equipment along with analysis from famous specialists.

NO.2  Amazingel Removal

What is Amazingel?

Amazingel, scientific name Polyacrylamide hydrogel, is a colorless and transparent jelly-like liquid substance. The monomer, acrylamide, constituting it and is moderately toxic. Even though the compound is non-toxic, but it may decompose and cause severe toxicity when injected into the human body. It damages the nervous system, damages kidneys and life cycle system. The World Health Organization has classified this substance as one of the suspected carcinogens, and is a time bomb of human body once injected

Harm of Amazingel Injective Breast Augmentation

Patients of Amazingel Injective Breast Augmentation
Should go to the formal plastic surgery medical hospital,
choose the correct and safe way to remove the amazingel 
as soon as possible!

Surgical Method of Amazingel Removal

Breast Reconstruction

Why Breast Reconstruction?
Women with breast cancer often have hard time dealing with deformation of their breasts after removing tumors.
It's a surgery method to recover the breast in to normal shape after an elimination of one side or both side of breast due to cancer or accident.
Cosmetic reconstruction surgery can enhance the shape of breasts as well as self-esteem for women with such condition.
Breast Reconstruction

Surgical Method of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction using breast implant

Using implantation for Breast Reconstruction

To create artificial breasts, expansion of breast tissue and insertion of breast implants must be performed in order. However, using silicone implants enable both procedures to be performed at once. Size can be adjusted by adding saline solution into the silicone implants.
The implant is made of cohesive gel which feels natural to touch, is excellent for breast augmentatin.

Advantages of Surgery
The implant will be located below the muscles, therefore it won't give any effect during the breast cancer check up or recurrence of the cancer.
We will insert the implant through the scar left from the breast cancer surgery, therefore there won't be any new scar created.
The surgery is simple and the recovery period is short.
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