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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Renovation > Revision Breast Plasty > FAQ about Revision Breast Plasty
1 What is the benefits of Hanfei breast reconstruction ?
A Natural and elastic breasts
B Minimized damage of blood vessels and nerves
C Almost no pain and no scar, fast recovery
D Postoperative management
2 What is the method of breast surgery revision ?
It is a revision surgery for improving unsatisfying result or inconveniences caused from side effects.
It is more difficult and complicated than the first surgery, so it needs to be safely proceeded by experienced specialists after enough consulation.
Hanfei Plastic Surgery Hospital presents a natural breast shape through precise diagnosis with high standard equipment along with analysis from famous specialists.
3 What is breast asymmetry ?
Breast size is changed on both sides after having a breast augmentation surgery, it is the case where space for the implant is not right, the implant moved, or an incomplete incision caused dislocation
4 How to revise breast asymmetry ?
After a through examination, fat graft or implant replacement that is suitable for each individual is selected to operate a revision surgery
5 What is capsular contracture ?
Capsules of tightly-woven collagen fibers are formed around the implant, which then shrink and tighten the breast implant, which causes pain and discomfort.
6 How to revise capsular contracture ?
Revision Breast Surgery is operated when the inside area has become hard to the point where the implant is visible from outside. Existing implant is removed or changed to a different kind, or the position of the implant is relocated. 
It develops when internal scar tissue forms a tight or constricting capsule around a breast implant, contracting it until it becomes misshapen, hard, and painful. However, it is caused by things such as excess bleeding, infection, or lack of post-operative implant massages.
7 What is implant rupture ?
Implant is ruptured and the content of the silicon bag has come out, reducing the volume.
8 How to revise implant rupture ?
If the implant consists of saline solution, it gets absorbed in the body, which is not a problem. If it is a silicon implant, thorough cleansing is done to remove silicon, and a different type of implant is inserted for a revision surgery.
9 What time best for revision ?
Breast augmentation surgery is generally decided after 6 months of surgery. The position of the prosthesis can be determined after 6 months to 1 year. After this period of time, the shape will not change, but if the prosthesis ruptures, or if the eye can see side effects such as deformation, Revision surgery can be performed in advance.
10 How long it takes to recover well ?
The recovery period may vary because of different surgery ways and customer’s physical condition. Various person may need various recovery time. Normally take out stitches within 15 days, recovering well after 1-3 month
11 Will there be any scar after recovery?
Hanfei always uses high-level equipment and experienced professional doctors to do the operation, there will not be obvious scars after surgery, and it may completely disappear with our best post-operative care.
12 What do I need to pay attention after surgery ?
People could not touch water for preventing from infection, keeping it clean, eating light food, no spicy, could not smoke and drink alcohol, avoiding to take exercise

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