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Home > Breast Plasty > Breast Renovation > Revision Breast Plasty > What is revision breast augmentation?
Not satisfied after breast augmentation? Don't worry. The medical beauty technology is getting
better and better now. Let's see the revision breast 
augmentation surgery.

Failure of breast augmentation refers to the occurrence of more serious complications after breast
augmentation surgery. The incidence rate is as follows:
1. The prosthetic position is too high, the height of both sides is different or the shape is unnatural
2. Hardening
3. Prosthesis leakage Crack
4. Bacterial infection
5. Hematoma
6. The capsular contracture is continually occurring and the prosthesis has to be taken out when it
can not be solved after several operations.

Revision breast augmentation is an operation for breast augmentation after failure. The effect of
this operation is good, so it is more and more widely accepted by women. However, it is necessary
to understand the precautions before breast augmentation surgery in order to perform the surgery
better and achieve the best results.

Technical advantages
Personality design, digital navigation technology;
Fine manipulation, endoscopic visualization technology;
Minimally invasive painless, interactive switching technology;
Strictly follow the anatomical features of different people to shape the perfect chest shape, so
that the restored chest shape is naturally and not artificial, achieving the most vivid and true visual
Suitable for breast loss and complete atrophy caused by various traumas and drugs. The capsule
contracture, poor breast shape, hard texture and diffusion of the injected material after breast augmentation.
Not suitable for the hematological and immune system diseases, breast cancer recurrence or
unrehabilitation, severe organ disease and underage women.

Revision breast augmentation method
1. Artificial fat breast augmentation surgery: the original material is removed through a special
method, and then a second breast augmentation surgery is carried out at the same time, truly
achieve the transition from "metamorphic beauty" to normal beauty .
2. Breast loss caused by trauma and other factors: the expansion of the skin and muscle tissue
flaps, reconstruction of breast augmentation revision with autologous fat or prosthesis materials.
3. Because the prosthesis implantation cavity is too small, the prosthesis capsule is too thick and
hard. According to the original surgical incision, the original prosthesis was taken out and then the
capsule collapsed was removed, and the prosthesis was further dissected, giving the sufficient
space to the breast augmentation prosthesis for  re-implantation.

Recovery of revision breast augmentation
After revision breast augmentation, the chest usually has pain and bruising. The pain usually lasts
for about two to three days and can be controlled by taking medicine on time according to the
doctor's instructions. The swelling will resolve in about one to two week. The degree varies from
individual physique, depending on the method of surgery. 

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