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Autologous fat:absorbs superfluous subcutaneous fat cells from some parts of the human body, and then
purifies them to obtain compound fat particles. Complete granular fat cells are injected and transplanted to
the parts where they need fat filling.

How long can I see the effect?

Hanfei Autologous Fat Grafting Anti-age
Hanfei autologous fat rejuvenation is filled with PRP autologous fat. According to each person's facial structure, we select the fat-rich parts to extract fresh fat. We use multi-level mesh injection technology to micro-carving the face. After surgery, the face is full and firm, age reduction and skin rejuvenation. Under the aesthetic concept of double-heart shape, we can create a beautiful young face that makes people feel heartbeat.

Hanfei Autologous Fat Grafting Anti-age Case


how long does it take to recover?

how long can the effect last?

Hanfei Autologous Fat Grafting Anti-age advantage

Three innovative technologies, breaking through traditional

Digital fresh Liposuction technology

German water mist liposuction, positioning fat layer to extract fresh fat, safe and Little damage.

High Frequency Activation Purification Technology

Free fatty acids are highly separated by high frequency centrifuge. Self-created purification and separation technology to increase cell activity and greatly increase fat survival rate.

Mesh multi-point layered transplantation technology

Multi-point cross injection evenly can effectively avoid the uneven phenomenon after surgery.


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