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 European-style rhinoplasty design

Who's fitted for the European-style Rhinoplaty?
nasal problems
nasal problems
real rhinoplasty effect

ThreeTraditional Misunderstanding on Rhinoplasty:
  1. Care only about aesthetics ratio of nose itself
  2. Lack a harmoneous transition from nose to face
  3. Bad aesthetic surgery handling of whole face
European-style rhinoplasty features

Design concept
Based on the 3D esthetic standard of European people's five organs, we harmonize nasal width,length,height and radian with the height of other facial organs to make delicate and smart nose with three dimensions just like those of European people.
There are mainly two types of European-style Rhinplasty: rhinoplasty with prosthesis or with autologous cartilage.
1. Prosthesis Nose Augmentation
Types of Prosthesis:Varicosity,Silicone Gel
Fitted Symptoms: Low Nose Bridge,Flat Nose,Nose Apex upwards with Bad Nose Wings,Bulbous Nose,Upturned Nose,etc.
Advantages:Elastic,Soft-feeling,Easy Shaping,Good Ecological Harmony and Natural- Looking
prosthesis rhinoplasty

2.Autologous Cartilage Rhinoplasty
Autologous Cartilage Types: Septal Cartilage,Costicartilage, Ear Cartilage
Fitted Candidates: People not favoring prosthetic materials,with Bad Nose Tip,Severe Flat Nose, Out-shown Nostrils, and Whole Nose Reconstruction
Advantages:Real Effects, Stronger Fixation,No Rejection Reaction, No Assimilation
autologous cartilage rhinoplasty

Six Advantages of Hanfei Rhinoplasty

Hanfei Rhinoplasty advantages

hanfei rhinoplasty advantages

"6+4" Magical Transitions from Nose to Face
six transitions

six transitions
three transitions

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