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Seven Layers eye anti-aging

No. 1 Eye Bag 

Eyebag is a symptom of aging and high pressure, mainly shown as puffy lower eyelids, saggy skin and  wrinkles adding. Once formed, it's hard to remove. Through surgical method, it can be dispeled effectively. There are mainly three ways to remove eyebags, Orbital Fat Removal,Inferior Palpebral Conjunctiva Fat Removal and Lower Eyelids Fat Removal.

Eyebags removal needs to be done from the root!

No. 2 Eyeprint 

No. 3 Lacrimal Groove 

No. 4  Palpebral Laxity

Palpebral Laxity Revision is suitable for the following people:

1. People aged between 35-60 and want to improve aged facial looking to a greater degree.
2. Female at different age levels with increased forhead wrinkles or deepened brows wrinkles caused by great pressure or excessive muscle movement.
3. People who had failed in eyebrow tatooing and who get scars after eyebrow tatoo removal.

No. 5  Sunken Upper Eyelid 

What's the difference between sunken upper eyelids and young upper eyelids? Just see the picture below.

sunken upper eyelids

As you age, the fat in your eyelids starts to shrink and lose elasticity, resulting in sunken upper eyelids, then your eyes will look old and dozy, which directly affects your beautiful face. Therefore, you need a plastic revision to improve the situation, including hyaluronan injection and orbital fat or orbicularis oculi muscle filling.

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