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                                Hook Nose

                                Upturn Nose

                                Hump Nose

                                                             Flat Nose

                Different Ways of Rhinoplasty 

Dr. Liu Zhigang is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon and one of the leading plastic surgeons in Guangzhou. He is a certified member of the Chinese Board of Plastic Surgery, holding memberships in several committees for the international Society of Plastic Surgery, as well as other numerous prestigious medical organisations. Dr. Liu's extensive experienceand specialization in the fields of blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, rhytidectomy and other complicated cases have made him a well-known name in Korea and Australia.

With aboundant clinical experience in facial rejuvinization and microplastic surgery, Director Chen is a master in facial anatomy and micro plastic surgery of facial esthetic design. He can make individual treatment schemes according to your special requirement and is very popular with wide range of customers. He'd been invited to attend theInternation Academics Communication meeting in Korea and Japan in the longterm and specially served as plastic surgery consultant for numerous frontline stars from mainland of China, HK, Macao and Taiwan.

Graduated from clinical medicine science in Southern Medical University, Doctor Li once made a further study in the Top Three Hospital, Military Army 193 Hospital and worked for reknown Plastic Surgery Hospital in GZ. He's served for more than 10 years in Plastic Surgery field, and Competed with Plasty Surgery Giants Dongxue, Zheng and Renchang, Cao on the Same Platform. He excels in body contouring, and has unique opinion in whole body contouring, liposuction and there use of autologous fat. "Safety,Precision and Effectiveness" are his advantages. With his splendid techniques and trendy view of beauty, he has succeeded in building curvy slim figures and nice facial profiles for numerous beauty seekers.

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