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Home > Rhinoplasty > Nasal Beauty > Autogenous Cartilaginous Rhino > Autologous costal cartilage is best for rhinoplasy or not ?
Autologous costal cartilage is best for rhinoplasy or not ?
Autologous costa cartilage is best material for rhinoplasty, it also have advantage
Autologous costal taken from self body, so it is safe material for rhinoplasty. The autologous cartilage including nasal septum cartilage, ear cartilage and costal cartilage, there are many advantages of costal cartilage\

1 The costal cartilage has both hardness and flexibility, and feels naturally after rhinoplasty.
2 Costal cartilage is an active material, which does not have blood vessels, no rejection

3 The source of costal cartilage is abundant, and the application range is wide, it could satisfy comprehensive material for rhinoplasty
4 The costal cartilage can be sculpted in an ideal shape, length, thickness, and radian
5 The costal cartilage could make all kinds of nasal tip sizes and shapes

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