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Brazilian Girl had silicone breast augmentation in Hanfei medical cosmetology

Brazilian model Cleo breast augmentation in Guangzhou China


In the modelling world, there is a proud aptitude with a full boobs. Cleo's figure is evenly proportioned, But the chest is also evenly proportioned possibly a unsatisfied thing. In order to pursue a breakthrough in her career, she is attracted by Han Yu's technology and has traveled from Brazil to China for a breakthrough.

process of breast augmentation procedure

how long does it take to recover?

breast implants

how to choose implants?

How many days do I need to stay in hospital?
hanfei bionic breast implant augmentation


advantages of hanfei implants breast augmentation

How much is breast augmentation?

implants brands
implants breast augmentation before & after photos
A cup to C cup breast augmentation
B cup to C cup breast implants augmentation

Only $1500-$5500 for implants breast augmentation in China. Feel free to contact us and enquiry for more details

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