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Summer is coming, 
but can't expose your shoulder?

Thin shoulder secret - Shoulder contouring Needle
Let you regain confidence in summer
Suitable For: Applicable people: Solving the problems of developed trapezius, strong shoulder and other issues, can also ease the shoulder of muscle strain!

Sketch of Shoulder contouring Needle

Surgical procedure of Shoulder-contouring Needle

What is A botx Injection?

botx injections entail administering onabout A, to specific muscles.  cause temporary muscle relaxation, not paralysis. Because of this, it can be used to treat certain pain conditions.

Reminder: Stovepipe Needle Plasty Surgery should be practiced by regular plastic surgery institutions, qualified doctors, with legal injection products. Seeking beauty but at the same time should choose regular medical institutions and pay attention security. Guangzhou Hanfei Medical Cosmetology can guarantee you, safety is our duty!

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