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What is osmidrosis?
There are two kinds of sweat glands inside of our body: one is ecrine gland and the other one is apocrine gland. Osmidrosis is often occurred due to the combination of secretion from apocrine gland and germs of skin, which makes bad ordor as they corrupt.
It can cause inconvienience in lives such as sociophobia, thus resolve it through fundamental treatment is significant

Osmidrosis is a Greek word meaning sweat with unpleasant odor.
Our body is covered by two types of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine. The sweat from exxrine gland is colorlessnes and odorless, but sweat from the apocrine gland has bad odor caused by fatty acid and ammonia decomposed by inhabited bacteria on skin. In other words, the reason of osmidrosis is the development of apocrine gland.

The cause of osmidrosis

For most of the cases,
the smelling underarm is due to the apocrine gland, yet some can be occurred by germ infection of weaken cuticle layer, as sweat comes out from underarm sweat gland.

Osmidrosis is more common in male and obese persons than female 
and persons with underweight.

Surgical procedure of Injectied Bromhidrosis Removal

Benefits of Hanfei Injectied Bromhidrosis Removal

No worry of scars : 1-2 mm of micro incision
By using the newest method, there's no pain and almost no scar.
1 Day, 1 Hour, 1 session treatment is enough
Safe & simple treatment and 1 hour of duration time - you can quickly go back to the daily life.
95% of patients satisfy by single treatment session
A lot of patients satisfy enough by only 1 session of treatment.
Maximum effect with the newest method, minimum relapse
For maximum effect and minumum relapse, we use the newest method, "sweat gland suction".
Pain ↓ NO Scar!
Using the newest method of Liposuction, it is not painful & almost no scar remains.

After Care
  • Having shower frequently to keep the part clean.
  • Wear clothes that is good for ventilation and apply powder on the armpit to maintain the part dried.
  • Change underwear with natural fiber textile.
  • Use medicated soaps(cleaning germs), perfumes(deodorizer).
  • Applying disinfection product can be helpful.
  • Waxing or shaving is recommended in case of dense hair on the armpit.


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