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What is Amazingel?

Amazingel, scientific name Polyacrylamide hydrogel, is a colorless and transparent jelly-like liquid substance. The monomer, acrylamide, constituting it and is moderately toxic. Even though the compound is non-toxic, but it may decompose and cause severe toxicity when injected into the human body. It damages the nervous system, damages kidneys and life cycle system. The World Health Organization has classified this substance as one of the suspected carcinogens, and is a time bomb of human body once injected

Harm of Amazingel Injective Breast Augmentation

Patients of Amazingel Injective Breast Augmentation
Should go to the formal plastic surgery medical hospital,
choose the correct and safe way to remove the amazingel 
as soon as possible!

Surgical Method of Amazingel Removal

Hanfei Endoscopic Amazingel Removal

In the process of removing Amazingel, the entire vision of the endoscope can be used to accurately avoid blood vessels, the nerves and tissues are taken out of the residues of Amazingel to ensure the safety and health of human tissues. Then repair damaged tissue and rebuild healthy breasts.

①Accurate positioning 
   Stripping solution diluted layer by layer
②Follow the natural hierarchy
    Layer-by-layer separation
③Holographic scanning 
    Remove necrotic lesions and lumps
④Extract of Amazingel


Recovery time: There was a difference according to the patient's own condition. The drainage tube could be removed 2 days after the operation, to close the wound, continue to pressure bandage for 1-2 days.
Post-surgery care: Avoid the menstrual period. Forbid to massage breasts within 3 months after the removal.

Hanfei Real Case of Amazingel Removal

Benefits of Hanfei Amazingel Removal


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