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Why does fat accumulate on the back?

Sitting for a long time: If the upper body is kept in a position for a long time, it will seriously affect metabolism and lead to fat accumulation.


Lack of exercise: Inadequate exercise can directly lead to muscle degeneration in the shoulder and neck, and back prone to obesity.


Bra is not suitable and too tight: It will hinder blood circulation and lymphatic stagnation. When metabolic capacity decreases, the body tends to hoard aging waste, and the back is more likely to accumulate fat.


The back consists of hard and dense fat cells with abundant fibers, thus once accumulated, fat on the back cannot be lost easily.

Let's see an effective way --- liposuction

Back liposuction is an effective method of shaping. By making incisions on the back, using various liposuction instruments to destroy the back excess fat cells, and then sucking them out through the suction device to achieve the purpose of weight loss and shaping. Normally, the subcutaneous fat of the back is thin and uniform, showing the outline of the back tissue. It shows bloated and too flat when obese.


Is liposuction safe?

What is Hanfei Two-Layer Firming Liposuction on Back?


Hanfei Liposuction on back aims to make smooth and silky skin surfaces thin layers by removing dense fat and celluite deep layers.

It removes bulging fat on the bra or bikini line which gets thicker from aging, it gives you slimmer
and firm side waist and back line.

As the back is generally rubbed when sitting on a chair or sleeping, fat is usually fiberized that it needs an attention when proceeding back liposuction.

Generally, you can get a better effect when it is done with arm, flank liposuction.


Hanfei Back Liposuction Advantages


Liposuction Principle

How long can you see the effect after liposuction?



Arm:To remove the fat in the epidermis, that deep inside the skin and that in the area where arm and back are connected.

Face:Face liposuction better defines facial lines along the lower jaw and neck, thus helping lift sagging chin skin.

Back:There's hard and dense fat cells with abundant fibers here. Skin on the back can be smooth after removing the fat and cellulite.

Breast:Breast liposuction is to remove the excessive fat and make you sexy based on the aesthetic standard for breasts.

Hip:It's important to maintain a proportional balance of the hip by removing the fat all around the upper hip down to the knee.

Abdomen and Waist:The fat in these two parts are much easier to be sucked and the result is more satisfactory.

Shank:Unlike thigh, shank has thinner fat layer and its fat is easily sucked. But special attention needs to be paid.

Thigh:The fat here is usually abundant, so it may require several times of liposuction. And professional surgeons are needed.

Definite reduction effect with surgery plans for each body parts. We plan a dimensional surgery for an ideal body contouring in Hanfei through In-body check to collect accurate data of your body and to analyze the body composition.

Minimizing tissue damage that has reduced bruises, pain, and swelling. And minimal incisions on hidden areas No need to worry about visible scars.


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