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NO. 1 Europe-style Rhinoplasty
Who's fitted for the European-style Rhinoplaty?
nasal problems
nasal problems

NO. 2 Nasal Tip Locking Technique

Nose Tip Surgery is the soul of rhinoplasty.Nose tip is a section that can transform the ratio and the visual effect of our five organs instantaneously. Whether you have a successful nose tip surgery will directly affect the result of your whole rhinoplasty surgery.
But not every plastic surgeon can make a good nose. Around the globe, not more than 10 doctors have been focusing on Rhinoplasty for 20 years. Hanfei Medical Cosmetology Hopspital has become South China Rhinoplasty Reconstruction Center,mainly focusing on nose surgery. And we have many professional doctors with more than 20 years' experience in this field.
Nasal tip locking technology

NO. 3 Convex-mouth Rhinoplasty Correct

rhinoplasty with convex mouth

NO. 4 Male Rhinoplasty

NO. 5 Bulbous Nose

NO. 6 Deviated Nose

WHY? Making Deviated Nose Correction 

Short Nose/Nostril-exposed Nose

Long Nose/Arrowhead Nose

Aquiline Nose/Hump Nose

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