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Breast Prosthesis Removal

   Prosthetic breast augmentation is originally a very safe method for breast augmentation, and the proportion of problems due to the quality of the prosthesis is very small. 

   However, if poor quality prostheses or inappropriate technical skills of doctors are selected in some informal medical institutions, and with the passage of time, the prostheses appear leakage, aging, breakage and other problems which is necessary to remove the prostheses through reoperation to improve the appearance of the chest.

In the following cases, the chest prosthesis should be removed 

1.Prosthesis hardened

   This is a sign of capsular contracture, with an incidence of 2%~8%. There are four degrees of severity. For the first and second degree capsular contracture, continue to massage 3-6 months after surgery, once in the morning and once in the evening for about 20-30 minutes each time, which can reduce the breast stiffness caused by scar formation. If it develops to the third or fourth degree, the only way to restore softness is to remove the capsule by surgery, but it is still possible to harden in the future.

2. Prosthetic leakage
   The causes of prosthesis leakage or rupture are as follows:
1. Quality problems of prosthesis: prosthesis with poor quality will leak or rupture in the early stage;
2. Operational problems: for example, improper operation by inexperienced doctors, resulting in prosthesis damage and early leakage or rupture; or insufficient peeling of cavity points or capsular contracture, leading to prosthesis wrinkles and chronic leakage;
3. Chest injury caused by external forces: especially crush injury and puncture injury;
4. Natural life of prosthesis

3. Bacterial infection
   Antibiotics and subthoracic cavity lavage can be used to control the infection, by which the prosthesis can be retained, but the probability of capsular contracture is very high in the future. If infection is out of control, the prosthesis must be temporarily removed and redone half a year later.

Symptoms needed to repair
                   The breasts vary in height                 Hemorrhage and hematoma       
                      Mastoptosis                                Capsule contracture   

Applicable Population
   Patients with uncontrollable infection, rejection, severe reaction to the prosthesis, severe capsular contracture, other serious complications, psychological stress and aging of the breast prosthesis should be removed according to the doctor.

Repair solution
  Breast prosthesis removal is a technique in which a small incision is made around the breast to separate the cavity and remove the prosthesis. Incision position can be generally in the armpit, but also in the lateral chest or the lower edge of the breast fold, if the recovery of the skin is good can also be in the original incision of the skin again.

  Customized exclusive surgical scheme  
  Accurate operation with little damage  
  Reduce pain and recover quickly  

Recovery time
   According to the patient's own situation, some of the patients can do light physical work within 1-2 days, while some of the patients need about 7 days to return to normal life. Some patients need up to 6 weeks to return to normal working life.

  • Hanfei deep V dynamic breast augmentation
  •     Deep V breast augmentation is a combination of breast augmentation technique and quality prosthesis. A whole new level of implantation is used to develop breast-enhancement techniques under anesthesia. Deep V cleavage technology makes breasts deeper and more seductive. Biplane breast enhancement effect is more real in any moment and any angle presenting a round shape and elastic dynamic beauty. 
  • One finger minimally invasive breast enlargement
  •                    Dynamic elasticity of breast
  •        Deep charming cleavage
  •                                       Farewell to blind operation

Benefits of Hanfei Revision Breast Surgery

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