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Do you care about your scars?

What problems do you suffer from scars?
It affects appearance, normal social contact and health......

What is a scar?
A scar is a very general concept. It is a general term for the changes of the appearance, morphology, and histopathology of normal skin tissue caused by various traumas. It is the product of the human body in the process of tissue repair after trauma, the inevitable physiological reaction, and the inevitable result of the wound healing process.
The essence of a scar is a kind of abnormal and unsound tissue that does not have normal skin tissue structure and physiological functions, and loses normal tissue vitality. Scars not only destroy the beauty of the body surface, but also hinder the physiological functions of related tissues or organs, even lead to deformity. Any trauma will be accompanied by varying degrees of scar formation.

The pathological types of scars
Superficial scars, hypertrophic scars, keloids, contracture scars

The main cause of scars

Do you want to remove scars?
Hanfei Seven Step Double-layer Scar Removal Treatment:
Solve 8 Big Scar Problems!
dented scars,
hypertrophic scars,
burn scars,
surgical scars,
acne scars,
stretch marks,
pigmented scars

"Seven Step Double-layer Scar Removal" is a new type of scar removal system, aiming at the diagnosis of every scar, positioning and analyzing the scar tissue blood vessel distribution, blood supply, scar thickness, cortical distribution, scar growth period, and scar type, personalized customized treatment plan.
By ablating the scar tissue, repairing the scar basal cells, activating and repairing the skin tissue, reorganizing the texture, and balancing the pigments, the ideal effect of flattening and smoothing the affected area to near normal skin color can be achieved finally. It can not only improve the appearance of its shape, texture, thickness and color, but also effectively solve the pain, itching and functional problems caused by scars, and completely repair scars from the inside out.

Diagnosis and treatment steps
scientific consultation,
early intervention,
shape improvement,
texture improvement,
function reconstruction,
color balance,
tracking and monitoring

Hanfei Scar Removal Expert Team
The whole process of one-to-one diagnosis and treatment by the deputy senior professional doctor;
More than 20 years of experience in scar diagnosis and treatment;
Accumulated tens of thousands of successful treatment cases and high satisfaction of beauty seekers.

Hanfei Scar Removal Cases

Hanfei Scar Removal Advantages
Different methods are used for different scars with strong pertinence;
Taking "Minimally Invasive Scar Removal" as the principle, starting from the physiological characteristics of the skin and the formation mechanism of scar;
Overall repair the scar from inside and outside;
Flexible and diverse treatment, dual repair of function and appearance

Please consult me if you have any scar problems.

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