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Home > Skin Beauty > Scars > Preventive measures for keloids
Keloid is called “crab foot swollenness” or “giant scar”, which is a type of fibroid. The disease is related to the physique. It is the product of excessive hyperplasia of fibrous connective tissue. If the epidermis of a person with scar constitution is damaged, such as trauma, mosquito bites, etc., it is very likely to form keloids.

Keloids protrude from the surface of the skin and form a tumor-like hyperplasia. The surface is smooth, red and shiny. It is often found that there are dilated capillaries extending outwards. The skin is damaged until the edges stick out and it feels itchy or tingling. Pain sensitivity may be caused by nerve endings conduction sensitivity or the formation of microneuroma, or even by slight touch of clothes and so on. Keloids often occur on the chest, shoulder, neck, back, and auricle. It can happen to both men and women.

Keloid is an important complication of trauma. Burns, trauma, acne, ear holes, injection of preventive needle, etc. can form different degrees of keloid and scar hyperplasia. The preventive measures of keloids are mainly the immature stage before and during the formation of scars. The main purpose is to try to avoid the possible factors of scar hyperplasia, reduce the growth of scars, and prevent various deformities and dysfunctions caused by scars on the body.

Therefore, to effectively prevent keloids, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent trauma, burns, etc., especially the parts with poor immune function, such as the chest, shoulder and back, etc., so as to avoid the loss of dermis. If the scar is severe, we should pay attention to reduce the mechanical, chemical, and thermal stimulation of the affected area to avoid repeated traction, friction rupture and infection. In addition, we should pay attention to diet, because some foods can stimulate the growth of keloids faster, and some foods can make keloids tend to stable state.

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