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Why Nipple Reduction?

Nipple is too big compare to the breast size, or it's too protruding or in case of droopiness this kind of surgery can be executed.
Even there might be a natural cause, but there's a lot of case.
If it is for those who has a big nipple after pregnancy, giving birth, breast feeding, is mostly done for aesthetic purpose.
But it's not only about the esthetic problem when you had a too protruding nipple,
but it might become a psychological rpoblem and even problem when doing the breast feeding,
so a correction on giving balance to the nipple shape would be good way out.

Surgical Method of Nipple Reduction

Proper surgical method must be selected based on nipple size, shape, and possibility of breastfeeding.

01. Method that can maintained the breast feeding function - Preserving the Feeding Line

Case of nipple wide in width

Eliminate part of the upper nipple and do the stitching do decrease the width

Width reduction - Make a partial removal of nipple to reduce the overall width. Then, suture up to maintain the shape of nipple.

Case of nipple long in length
Eliminate the skin as much as the amount wants to be reduced, and then stitch the nipple to decrease the length. In case of nipple is also wide in width, the width decrement will also be performed at the same time.

Length reduction - Make a partial removal of skin. Then, suture nipple to areola to reduce overall length.

02. Not functional Breast Feeding Surgery Method - Preserving the Figure

V-shape incision Method

It certainly can reduce the nipple size, but since the milk duct will be blocked,
breast feeding would not be possible in the future.

Resect the tip of nipple as V shape and suture. Decision for operation must be carefully made since it may cause loss of breastfeeding ability.

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