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1 What is Amazingel?
Amazingel, scientific name Polyacrylamide hydrogel, is a colorless and transparent jelly-like liquid substance. The monomer, acrylamide, constituting it and is moderately toxic. Even though the compound is non-toxic, but it may decompose and cause severe toxicity when injected into the human body. It damages the nervous system, damages kidneys and life cycle system. The World Health Organization has classified this substance as one of the suspected carcinogens, and is a time bomb of human body once injected
2 How many stage of amazingel injective breast augmentation ?
There are four stages, Acute phase, chronic inflammation stage, recessive incubation period and chronic malignant phase
3 What is amazingel removal ?
In the process of removing Amazingel, the entire vision of the endoscope can be used to accurately avoid blood vessels, the nerves and tissues are taken out of the residues of Amazingel to ensure the safety and health of human tissues. Then repair damaged tissue and rebuild healthy breasts.
4 What is the process of removing amazingel ?
A Accurate positioning
Stripping solution diluted layer by layer
B Follow the natural hierarchy
Layer-by-layer sepatation
C Holographic scanning
Removing necrotic lesions and lumps
D Extracting the amazingel
5 How long of the recovery time ?
There was a difference according to the patient's own condition. The drainage tube could be removed 2 days after the operation, to close the wound, continue to pressure bandage for 1-2 days.
6 How much is it ?
The price may vary a little based on your personal condition, but we will offer you the best price after suitable scheme is chosen for you., the price is determined by surgery way and doctors skills
7 Is safe or not ?
Hanfei always uses high-level equipment and experienced professional doctors to do the operation, numerous customers have had successful operation in our hospital, and even more customers come for word of mouth.
8 Is it painful or not ?
 Hanfei always puts customer’s feeling first, we’ll use minimally-invasive method to do the surgery, and little pain or even no pain will you feel during the surgery.
9 How long it takes to recover well ?
The recovery period may vary because of different surgery ways and customer’s physical condition. Various person may need various recovery time. Normally take out stitches within 15 days, recovering well after 1-3 month
10 Will there be any scar after recovery?
Hanfei always uses high-level equipment and experienced professional doctors to do the operation, there will not be obvious scars after surgery, and it may completely disappear with our best post-operative care.
11 What should I pay attention to before surgery ?
Do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarette or take medicine like aspirin or containing aspirin since two weeks away from the surgery, or any medicine that activates blood circulation.
12. Is there any sequala or complications after surgery?
The doctors and equipment in Hanfei is always the most top-leveled, we haven’t performed any revisional operation caused by sequala or complications.


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