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Home > Body Contouring > Liposuction > Waist Liposuction > How to easily lose excess fat on the body?
How to easily lose excess fat on the body? Hydrodynamic liposuction is a good method.
The principle of hydrodynamic liposuction is to use ultrasonic, high-frequency electric field and other physical means to crush fat, and then insert the liposuction tube into subcutaneous fat layer through a small incision in the skin. By using the suction of negative pressure, the subcutaneous fat accumulated locally in human body is removed, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing weight and improving body shape.
The unique liposuction technology makes there is no step transition between liposuction area and non liposuction area. After the operation, the skin is smooth and elastic without relaxation.

Advantages of hydrodynamic liposuction
Good effect
Hydrodynamic liposuction can disperse and suck out the excess fat comprehensively, with higher efficiency.
Less pain
The hydrodynamic technology is more advanced, with anesthesia can be painless penetration, and the pain will also be reduced.
Less damage
Because minimally invasive wound can effectively avoid blood vessels and nerve endings, it is only selectively targeted at adipose tissue and has less damage to other tissues.
Fast recovery
Minimally invasive liposuction does not damage other tissues except fat. After the operation, the recovery is fast.
High security
A small amount of anesthetic is used in hydrodynamic liposuction, which reduces the retention time of the drug in the human body and the potential drug interaction, and reduces the possibility of swelling during and after surgery.

Suitable for hydrodynamic liposuction
It is suitable for people who are fat in the whole body, local obesity such as buttocks, arms, face, waist, abdomen, thighs, and calves, have too much body fat and want to improve their body shape quickly.

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