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Home > Body Contouring > Liposuction > Waist Liposuction > FAQ about the Waist Liposuction
1. Is the Waist Liposuction safe?
Yes, it is. The Waist Liposuction is a safe surgery whose effect is not easy to bounce back as it has little effect on the whole body without any involvement with important nerves, blood vessels and deep tissues.
2. Does the Waist Liposuction hurt?
No, it doesn’t. There will be sleep anaesthesia applied on the liposuction site before the surgery so that the whole process is so relaxing without any pain.
3. Will the effect of the Waist Liposuction bounce back?
No, it won’t. Current medicine shows that the number of fat cells in an adult's body is constant. Yet since most of the nonsurgical weight loss methods we know can only reduce the volume rather than the number of fat cells, it's easy for the effect to bounce back.
However, the Waist Liposuction is a surgery that permanently reduces the number of fat cells. Once the number of fat cells is reduced and never grows again, and a good lifestyle is kept, the effect of the Waist Liposuction will never bounce back.
4. How many days do I need to rest after the Waist Liposuction? Does it affect my normal work?
The Waist Liposuction doesn't affect normal postoperative activities such as working as it is generally targeted at some parts of the body with less impact on the whole. But preferably 1 to 2 days' rest is suggested as there may be some slight postoperative swelling and local seepage. Avoid strenuous exercise during the recovery period, and wear straightjacket based on the doctor's advice so as to recover as soon as possible.

5. Does the Waist Liposuction work immediately?
Yes, it can work immediately. But as a surgery with inevitably postoperative swelling, it has a basic recovery time of one week after which you’ll surprisingly find that an ideal effect has been achieved.  

6. Will the waist become uneven after the liposuction?
Many people worry that the waist will become uneven after the liposuction. Yet this problem can be avoided as experienced doctors will elaborately design the liposuction area before the surgery and estimate the amount of liposuction. So you don’t need to worry about it.  
7. Are there any preoperative tests to be taken before the Waist Liposuction?
Yes. An overall physical examination and test shall be taken to exclude organic lesion. Besides, females should avoid their menstrual periods. In short, liposuction shall be taken with sufficient physical and mental preparation. As for postoperation, just follow the doctor’s advice.  

8. Can people with severe obesity receive the Waist Liposuction?
For the majority of those beauty seekers with severe fat accumulation, they are often accompanied by "obesity disease". It is recommended that they take a thorough physical examination first to see if liposuction is appropriate for them. If the result of the examination proves out of question, then liposuction can be performed.

9. What parts can receive liposuction? Can liposuction be performed on them simultaneously?
In fact, liposuction is suitable for a wide range of parts, including the face, lower jaw, neck, upper arms, back, waist, abdomen, thighs and shanks, with the abdomen, waist and thighs most common. Multisite liposuction can be simultaneously performed on mildly obese people while severely obese people can solely receive liposuction by one part each time.

10. Can liposuction be performed on different parts at a time?
Liposuction is a relatively safe and reliable plastic surgery generally, but it can be dangerous if it is performed on several parts at a time. According to the specific condition of beauty seekers, generally one to two parts are sucked at a time. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia. If the beauty seekers are fat, the amount of anesthetics used during the surgery is large. And for those who are nervous or afraid of pain, intensive anesthesia can be adopted.

11. What are the advantages of the Waist Liposuction?
It is safe and reliable with personal design, accurate positioning, quick recovery, painlessness, no marks or scars left, and smooth and firm skin without the effect bouncing back.
12. What should I pay attention to before and after the Waist Liposuction?
a. Have a true and comprehensive understanding of the Waist Liposuction.
b. Receive the test to determine whether your physical condition is fit for the surgery.  
c. Consult with your physician about the liposuction site and make your own requirements. Make a comprehensive and reasonable surgical plan if there are more sites for liposuction.
d. Have proper postoperative activity, but avoid strenuous exercise or bed rest for a long time. After the liposuction sites have had pressure dressing for 5 to 7 days, take elastic straightjacket for 1 to 3 months.
e. The liposuction site may become hard, numb and slightly uneven with skin color deepening shortly after the liposuction, which are normal phenomena and will generally recover in around 3 months.

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