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Home > Body Contouring > Liposuction > Waist Liposuction > Waist liposuction makes your body beautiful
Waist liposuction is a kind of surface surgery that absorbs excess subcutaneous fat through
a small opening on the body surface (needle eye), using local anesthesia. Waist  and abdominal
liposuction surgery is a local weight loss surgery, less interference to the overall situation.
However, there are still some slight reactions and local exudation after operation, so heavy
physical work should be avoided within one week. But ordinary jobs are okay.

Waist liposuction to weight loss is a method of using a high-tech liposuction device to connect
with a professional suction tube, entering subcutaneously through a small incision in the skin,
and sucking out the partially accumulated fat tissue to improve the obese body type. The effect
of liposuction to weight loss method is safer and more reliable than that through exercise, diet
adjustment, drug weight loss and so on, has a good effect on removing the local fat accumulation
in the body.
After liposuction, the skin will not show obvious skin relaxation on the original basis. In addition,
 the skin itself is elastic, so there will be a tightening effect after liposuction surgery.

The preparatory work
Before surgery, you should make sure where you want to suck the fat;  
You need to check the health of your body;  
People over 50 years old should pay attention to whether they have high blood pressure, high
blood sugar, high blood fat, etc.;  
Should be excluded from coagulation disorders;  
To stop using anticoagulants 1-2 weeks before the operation;  avoid menstrual period and so on.
In addition, according to the specific situation of each person is different, the precautions that
need to be understood are not the same, so need to communicate with the liposuction doctor
in detail.

Postoperative recovery
With the development of medical level, waist liposuction solves the problem of waist obesity.
The recovery effect after waist liposuction is also very good, and the effect is very obvious.
However, the recovery after waist liposuction is also related to the following factors.
1. Due to the residual part of the swelling fluid under the skin, there may be more exudation
fluid on the day of the waist liposuction. If osmotic dressing is applied, sterile gauze or clean
napkin can be added to the dressing. Do not open the dressing by yourself to avoid contamination
of the wound. Do not bathe for 3-5 days after waist liposuction to avoid contaminating the wound.
It is also an important point of maintenance.
2. Do not eat seafood and spicy food after waist liposuction.
3. After the recovery of waist liposuction should continue to wear tight elastic clothing for 3-6
months, according to the local conditions at any time to adjust the pressure of the elastic clothing
for maintenance, waist liposuction can get the most satisfactory results.
4. Mild activities can be carried out in the early stage after liposuction, do not stay in bed all the
time, mental work or light manual worker can work as usual.

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