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PPDO thread is essentially protein line, which can be used for surgical suture and heart surgery.
This line is absorbable and can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the
human body. The general time is 1-2 years.

Is it true that the more lines used for lifting, the better the effect? Of course not.
If we implant a lot of protein lines on our face, our wrinkles will disappear and our skin will be lifted
and tightened. The whole person is getting younger, but the face becomes stiff and unnatural, just
like wearing a mask. No one will like this effect.
The number of lines to be used depends on the location and aging degree. It is necessary to effectively
improve the tightness and ensure a natural state.
Different parts of the lines are implanted at different levels. For example, the apple muscle should
be buried deeper and buried in the fat layer. At the same time, each person's skin problems are
different, the direction of embedding line is also different.
In addition to the shape of the line, the thickness of the line and the thickness of the needle also
need to be designed by the doctor according to the specific circumstances of the individual. Too
thin to achieve the desired effect, too thick may cause damage to the skin. Usually combined and
used together to achieve the best results.

Doctors will design individualized youth programs for beauty seekers of different ages, different
relaxation degrees, collagen production ability and resilience ability, while flexibly adjusting the
relative position of facial muscles and skin, eventually forming a mesh pull to enhance the effect
of younger and maintain longer.

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