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Home > cases > Hair Transplant > hair transplant: Yuyan, adjust hairline

High Hairline, Become a Beauty after adusting hairline
天生发际线过高 植发后大变样!

Yu yan  Age: 29   Designer & Model

    Yu Yan is a professional image designer, helping many people to try different styles to reach beautiful. But in the bottom of her heart, she felt inferior for her hairline and was afraid of exposing her horrible hairline at ordinary times. She always envied when she looked at other people's beautiful forehead and had the idea of planting hairline and having beauty tip.

Yu yan before & after hair transplant

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     Beauty problem: hairline too high, hairline on both sides a little bald
     Beautifying solution : planting hairline, making beauty tip


     Postprocedure change: hairline implantation changes the whole person's spiritual temperament

     Process design: the hair line is planted with natural hair that fills the corners of the sides and forms a natural arc, making the forehead look full and small


  ①来院咨询 Consultation

       Yu Yan's forehead looks large because of the wide hairline, and from the side, the hairline is higher and almost bald. She came to the Hanfei Hair Transplantation Center for consultation and improvement. The attending physician measured the hair follicle condition and hair density with a measuring instrument, and made a preliminary determination of the plan. The agreement was signed before hair transplantation.


(The doctor explained the detailed terms of hair transplant contract for Yu Yan)

  ②常规身体检查 Physical Examination

  Before the procedure, routine physical examinations such as blood test and blood pressure measurement were carried out to ensure the safety of the procedure and prevent cross infection during the procedure.

(Having routine physical examination)

  ③术前画线设计 Design


      According to the facial shape and temperament of Yu Yan as well as the normal ratio of face length to face width, designed the procedure plan of descending hair line, and then the hairstyle of transplant site.



(President Zhao Jin was designing and marking for Yu Yan)


(Hairline adjustment solution for Yu Yan)


       Prepare for disinfection, anesthesia, swelling, etc. The hair transplant was done under epidermal anesthesia, so it can be done comfortably.
       做好消毒、麻醉、肿胀液准备等工作。植发做的是表皮麻醉, 这样就能很舒适的做完手术。



(Yu Yan was going into the operating room with a little excitement in her heart)




(Extracting the follicles)



(After extraction, the hair follicles are temporarily placed in a specific follicle nutrient solution.)



(Implanting the follicles)



before and after hair transplant

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  语嫣植发术后两个月, 2 months after hair transplant:

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