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Home > cases > Hair Transplant > Hanfei's HR Manager experienced hair transplant


Hanfei's HR Manager experienced hair transplant,seeing the initial result in 10 days


Cheng Jinzong  Age:36  HR manager in Hanfei medical cosmetology


        Cheng Jinzhong is the HR manager of Hanfei, who also had trouble of his image that the hairline of the forehead became M shape because of hair loss. To this end, he went out of his way to understand the principles, techniques, and instruments of hair transplantation, and communicated with Director zhao jin, who has 20 years of hair transplantation experience. Having seen the effect of hair transplant of real person in Hanfei hospital with his own eyes, he determined that his trouble about M-hairline hair loss would be solved. 

(Before and after hair transplant)

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      Beauty trouble: High hairline. M-shaped hair loss.

      Beautifying solution: Hairline planting

      Post-procedure change: M-shaped hair loss has been greatly improved after hair transplantation

      Beauty process: 10 days after hair transplantation, the M-shaped hair loss area had been covered with hair, and no trace of hair removal was found in the donate area.

  ①来院咨询 Consultation

        Hanfei human resources manager, Cheng Jinzhong looked for Hanfei Zhao Jin Dean for consultation and improvement because of the two forehead angle hair loss in M-shaped and the gradually sparse hair in head top. Director Zhao first used the intelligent fine hair follicle detection system for Cheng Jinzhong’s hair loss type, hair density and scalp type and initially determined the plan, and calculated the number of hair transplants needed.


(before hair transplant)

  ②术前准备 Preparation

  To prepare for the hairline implantation, the medical staff first shaved the hair of Cheng Jinzhong, then cleaned the scalp to keep the head clean. Before the procedure, President zhao jin communicated with Cheng again about the procedure details, and made the preoperative design and drawing.


(Design the hairline shape)

(confirmed hairline shape after communication and design)

  ③进行手术Under operation

     The extraction of hair follicles means the beginning of hair grafting. Before the hair follicles were extracted, disinfection and anaesthesia were needed. After everything was ready, President Zhao Jin began to carry out hair grafting for Cheng Jinzhong to ensure that there were scarless and dense effects after the procedure.


(transplanting hairline)

  术后即时效果Instant effect after hairline tranplant:

       After the successful completion of the procedure, cheng jinzhong did not need to be hospitalized, and he carefully listened to the doctor's instructions on matters needing attention in order to have a better postoperative recovery.

(The hairline was thickly bristled with small stubble,
and 24 hours later the follicle began to grow)

hairline transplant before & after 

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10 days after hair transplant  


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