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Home > cases > Hair Transplant > hair transplant: pang zongmei, adjusting hairline photos

Pang zongmei  Age:24

  Pang zongmei looks a long face and ugly forehead due to her high hairline.  In daily life, she can only disguise her forehead by bang. After careful investigation, she came to hanfei medical cosmetology for hair transplant because Zhao Jin has 20 years of clinical experience in hair grafting, and is more secure in terms of word of mouth and technology. Now her hair style and face shape look much more beautiful .

hair transplant before and after

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      Beauty trouble: High hairline, looks ugly without bang 

      Beautifying solution: Hairline plant
      Post-procedure change: Looks more beautiful after hairline transplant. Face looks smaller,too




       Having the troubles mentioned above, she came to Hanfei for consultation and improvement.  The attending doctor carefully examined the condition of her hair follicle, and the test showed that Miss Pang had a good source of hair. The preliminary plan was determined, and the preoperative contract for hair transplantation was signed to ensure the safety of postoperative effect.


(Consultant explaining the hair tranplant scheme )

  ②常规身体检查Physical examination

  Before the procedure, routine physical examinations such as blood test and blood pressure measurement which is a routine procedure for every patient were carried out to ensure the safety of the procedure.


(physical examination)

(washing hair, preparing for operation)

 ③术前画线设计Design the shape of hairline

       Before the procedure, according to the facial shape and temperament of Pang zongmei as well as the normal ratio of face length to face width, designed the procedure plan of descending hair line, and finally determined.
  手术前设计方案 根据三庭五眼及庞宗妹脸型及气质进行发际线下调手术方案设计,最终确定发际线、额角下调位置。

(President Zhao Jin was designing and marking for Pang Zongmei) 


(The hairline shape after communication and design)


      After finishing the disinfection and anesthesia for Pang zongmei, President zhao jin and his hair transplantation team began to perform hair transplantation for her. The doctor is the solid backing of safe hair transplant. Their meticulous operation decided the beautiful effect.

(sterilizing the donate area, then apply local anesthesia)


(extracting hair follicles)


(Multiple physician assistants were working together to seperate hair follicles at the same time,
complete hair transplatation seamlessly and efficiently )

  术后即时效果Instant effect after operation:

        You can see the effect of implantation right after implantation of hair line: natural hair line, appropriate density, good effect. Just do a good job of postoperative recovery work, and new hair will grow after a period of time.


  术后1个月Effect after 1 month:

Before and after hairline transplant

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  beautiful photo of 85 days after hairline transplant


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