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Home > cases > Hair Transplant > Eyebrow transplant: zhang meichun, natural eyebrow


Tranplanted eyebrow is natural eyebrow hair


zhang chunmei Age:30 

  Zhang Meichun, is a image designer, whose eyebrow is born without eyebrow tail. There is only tip and peak of the brow without eyebrow shape, so she had to pencil her eyebrow every day which is troublesome to remove. After learning that the eyebrow transplanted can be trimmed so that all kinds of eyebrows can be shaped at will, she came to Guangzhou Hanfei hair transplant center to plant eyebrow.


Eyebrow transplant before and after

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      Beauty trouble: The eyebrows were sparse and short that made her look old. Imperfect eyebrow almost without eyebrow tail, which made her a narrow forehead and big face.

      Beautifying solution: Eyebrow planting
      Post-procedure change: Eyebrow more and more natural, also no worry about discoloration, because planted eyebrow is the real one, different from eyebrow tattooing
      Beauty process: The planted eyebrow grew gradually after 1 month, no longer needed to be in the thrush.

  ①来院咨询并进行眉毛种植Design eyebrow transplant

  With troubles mentioned above, Zhang Meichun came to Guangzhou Hanfei hair transplant center to have a consultation and improvement. Director Zhao Jin personally designed her eyebrows for her, and then further designed the hairstyle of the transplant site. After all the preparations such as disinfection and anesthesia were ready, Director Zhao Jin began to perform eyebrow planting for Zhang Meichun.



  ②术后即时效果instant effect hair operation:

        It can be seen from the post-operative photo that Director Zhao Jin's technique was very good: there was slight redness and swelling in the eyebrow, but almost no bruising. If do not watch carefully, no one can find out that she just had eyebrow transplant operation.


  ③术后1个月One month later:

  Without eyebrow planting, Zhang Meichun would certainly carry an eyebrow pen whenever she went out. To her naked eyebrow is like wearing no clothes, and it takes too much courage. But since she has done the eyebrow planting, she has never brought an eyebrow pen because now no longer need in thrush.



eyebrow transplant before & after

After eyebrow transplant, she is very satisfied with the effect and feel  appreciated of the doctors.

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