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Home > cases > Hair Transplant > hair tranplant case: Zhang Zhiming, hair tranplant process a

摆脱家族遗传性脱发 人生更自信

Zhang Zhiming Age 31  Supervisor  张志明 31岁 部门主管

      Zhang Zhiming is a department manager of a company with a family hereditary hair loss, so the hair is thinner at a young age. He felt distressed as the hair thinner and thinner due to the busy work in recent years. Although he is only 31 years old, the gradually thinning hair seriously damaged his overall image and his self-confidence, making him look older. Hence, he was branded as "elder" by his peers, which made him feel very helpless in his pursuit of perfection. So he decided to change.

zhang zhiming hair transplant before & after 

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  Beauty trouble: hair loss, thinning hair, severe alopecia of bilateral frontal angle
      Beautifying solution: Bilateral frontal angle, core area encryption

      Post-procedure change: Fully newborn hair, the amount of hair is obviously increased with natural effect.

      Beauty process: Two months after the operation, the hair grew and the amount of hair increased significantly.



  Zhang Zhiming, hair was relatively sparse because of hair loss, especially bilateral frontal alopecia, which was M-shaped. Therefore, he came to Hanfei for consultation and improvement. The attending doctor carefully examined the hair follicle and analyzed Zhang Zhiming's situation, and initially determined the plan.

(face to face talk with the aesthetic designer)

(follicles test)

  ②术前准备Physical examination before operation

  Before the procedure, Zhang Zhiming was examined by blood test and blood pressure to ensure the survival rate of hair follicle, the effect and safety of hair grafting, and signed the hair grafting safeguard agreement.


(physical examination)

  ③术前画线设计wash hair and design the hairline shape

       President Zhao Jin communicated with Zhang Zhiming again about the detail of the procedure before it started, and designed the hairline shape.


(the nurse carefully washed Zhang Zhiming's hair to keep the scalp and hair clean, preparing for the procedure before hair transplant)

(The doctor measured and designed the area for Zhang Zhiming with lines)

(双侧额角种植区draw the tranplant area)


(后枕部取发区draw the donate area)

  ④进行手术during operation 

    After finishing the disinfection and anesthesia for Zhang Zhiming, President Zhao Jin began to perform hair transplantation, encrypting bilateral frontal horn and core area for Zhang Zhiming.


(Performing the hair transplantation for Zhang Zhiming)


(Multiple physician assistants worked together to separate hair follicles and perform hair transplantation seamlessly and efficiently)



The quantity of follicles verified on the spot by both parties

before and after hair transplant

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 2.5 months after hair transplant:

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